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The Kalash celebrate Four festivals in a calendar year. These festivities have a great importance of praying and offering the Kalasha rituals; and singing and dancing form major parts of these rituals.

The Kalash people do not offer prayers on daily basis like their neighboring Muslim community, rather have some specific occasions like the regular and occasional festivals and other specific occasions. On these occasions the Kalasha meet each other, celebrate the festivals performing the traditional rituals. Besides other rituals during these festivals Kalash offer sacrifices of goats, sheep etc. at the altars of their god and cook traditional foods and eat and drink in groups. According to the Kalash mythology, the major parts of the religious rituals manifested through dance and music, therefore singing and dancing have the high place of sacred rites.

The four festivals that are regularly celebrated by the Kalasha people, are briefly described below:

Regular FestivalsThe four festivals that are regularly celebrated by the Kalasha people


It’s the religious festival of the Kalash which is alternately called as Spring Festival and it is celebrated every year from 13th to 18 May in all the three valleys.


Uchaw (Uchal) is the summer festival celebrated in by the Kalasha community. This festival is celebrated only in the Kalash Valleys of Mumuret (Bumborate) and Rukmu (Rumboor) and not in Birio (Birir) valley...


Pu’n (Phool) is also a religious Festival celebrated in Autumn Season only in the Kalash Valley Birio (Birio).


Chawmos (Chitirmast) is the 4th and last Festival, the Kalasha people celebrate from 7th to 22nd December every year.

Occational FestivalsThe four festivals that are regularly celebrated by the Kalasha people


When a child becomes five years old then this ceremony takes place. The Children wear a special dress and turban in head, which are gifted by uncle or other maternal relatives.


Chik (Funeral, Dead or Fautgi) Chik means cut or separation. In Kalash religious point of view all the universe is created by God.