History327 B.C till Now

Who We Are

The Kalasha have no written records about their ancestors and origins, all Kalasha stories have been passed down from generations to generation through oral tradition. No any researcher and scholar came to know about the real origin of the Kalash to date. The history of the Kalash is traced back to 327 B.C. The Kalasha Kings Bulasing and Rajawai ruled over Chitral for round about 1100 years, Bulasing was the King of the areas from Broze to Northern areas Gilgit Wirishik Gum (Kashmir) areas and the dynasty of Rajawai was of the areas from Ayun to Asmar Afghanistan. These two were the most famous Kalash Kings whose clans and descendants survive till today in the Kalash Valleys. The Kingdom of Kalash in Chitral was ended by Raees in 1320. A multidimensional research is required to ascertain the origin and history of the Kalash people and culture.

Origin of Kalash as per available information are:

• The Late Qazi Khosh Nawaz, the eldest Kalasha religious leader connects the origin of the Kalasha culture to the footsteps of Alexander the Great.

• Prominent historian Michael Wood states in his book that long before the days of Islam, Sikandar e Azam (Alexander the Great) came to India.